Hello Beauties,

The latest trend that has caught on and on is maxi dress. This just doesn’t go out of style. We can style it the way we want by adding more and more pieces in same look or just walk out of the house wearing nothing but a maxi dress.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses

Wear it the way you want, style it the way you want, accessorize the way you want, you will always come out looking stunning.
And the best part of Maxi dresses is that it looks good in all body types.

I went to the mall this weekend to buy a maxi dress and ended up buying so many things but the maxi dress. So I wanted to check few dresses online and stumbled into so many options. And I got an idea to list different looks that celebrities have created with their maxi dresses.

I am listing down the different ways celebrities  have styled their maxi dresses and looked the most stunning.

  1. Jessica Alba – Cool- girl look

I feel she is the goddess of maxi dresses. The way she carries each maxi dress different the other is commendable. This look is something I would re-create from head to toe. So very chic so very stylish. Ideal for a date or a day out shopping or sight seeing. Just throw on a denim jacket on your maxi dress and accessorize with a scarf.

Jessica Alba - Cool Girl look

Jessica Alba – Cool Chic look

2. Miranda Kerr- Elegant yet chic 

OMG!!!! The moment I saw this dress,I was all over the internet searching for the same, but alas. The dress is a wrap dress with no major details. So simple and elegant. The days which you can’t decide what to wear , just wrap this around and walk out of your house with any flat sandals of your choice.

Miranda Kerr - wrap dress

Miranda Kerr – wrap dress

3.  Kim Kardashian – Maxi Dress -As it is 

Kim shows you how a maxi dress can be worn by itself and live it simple at that.

I have assorted few maxi dresses Kim has worn over the years without adding any more things to it.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian-1

Kim Kardashian 2

Kim Kardashian 2

 Kim Kardashian 3

Kim Kardashian 3

4. Malaika Arora -Maxi Dress with a belt

Though these pictures are old, this look can never go wrong. Wear your free flowing maxi dress with a belt and you will come up with a different look all together.

Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora

So pick up your own maxi dress and try to dress it up or down and rock the look.

Hopefully , I too will find my maxi dress and will share my look soon.

Till then feel beautiful and stay connected.