Face Cleanup at Home in Easy Steps

Hello Beauties,

So lazy Saturday is here and we just want to lie around doing nothing. What’s more better way to spend this day than pamper yourself with a face clean up.
I know, I know…going to a salon is least thing on your mind. So I am going to tell y’all how you can pamper yourself at home using simple steps and using the products that you already own.



Face clean up should be an essential part in your beauty regime so that you can have healthy and beautiful skin.
Especially in my city, where with this pollution and lots of travelling in scorching sun my skin tends to get affected.
Hence I make it a point to do a facial clean up once every 2 weeks.

I have never had the time to go to salon every time so started doing the clean up a home and now I am so used to it that I have never actually visited a salon for clean up.

So let me get started on the steps for a clean up at home in easy steps:

What you will Need:
– Oil (coconut/almond/baby oil)
– Facial cleanser or a face wash
– Home sauna/ Vessel to heat water
– Scrub
– Face mask
– Toner
– Moisturizer
-Essential Oil( Optional)

Products for CleanUp

Products for CleanUp

Products for CleanUp

Products for CleanUp


Start by pulling your hair in a ponytail and wearing a headband so as to keep hair away from your face.
You can put on your favorite music to have the full effect of pampering :).

1. Using the oil to massage

Massage you face with an oil of your choice in circular motion.
Oil will act as a natural cleanser to remove the impurities on your skin. If you apply it circular motion, it will help in the circulation of blood which leads to a glowing skin.
Continue this 5-10 mins. Concentrate on pressure points like your temples, bridge of the nose, and jaw line.
At the end of this session, slightly pinch without applying pressure your whole face.

2. Cleansing

Now wash your face to remove the oil from your skin and also to completely clean your face of all the impurities.
I prefer using a face wash as it removes the oil completely from my face. The choice is yours.
Pat your face dry.

3. Steaming

You can use a steam sauna if you have one, or you can heat up water enough to produce steam in a large vessel. You can add your favorite essential oil while heating the water.
You can then use a towel over your head to form a tent and allow the steam on your face. Do this for 10 mins.



Steaming is very important part in your beauty regimes as it opens up the pores on your skin and cleans the impurities from within. But you should always steam your face very lightly as it can be harsh for your facial skin. Also do not steam your face frequently. Once in every 2 weeks is just about right.

4. Scrubbing

Use a facial scrub to remove all the dead skin and blackheads.
You can again use a circular motion technique with a light hand while scrubbing. Wash your face and pat it dry.
I have used the sequence of scrubbing and steaming interchangeably and I prefer scrubbing after steaming as the dead skin and blackheads comes off easily after steaming.

5. Face Pack

Once your pores are open from steps 4 and 5, you need to draw out all the impurities from your skin. Face masks that contain clay, mud, etc are your best choices. You can also opt for multi-masking at this step.

Apply your face mask evenly on your skin and let it dry till you feel a light tightening sensation.
Wash your face with water after 10-15 mins. and pat it dry.

By now you should be able to see the glow on your face

6. Toning

Toning basically helps in closing the pores and tightening your skin for a youthful and firmer skin.
Use a cotton ball to apply the toner on your face. Rose water is the best toner at hand if you do not own a toner.
Toning should always done when your face is clean as it closes the pores and you don’t want any impurities in them.

7. Moisturizing

Apply your favorite moisturizer on your face and neck as the final step for your clean up.
Moisturizer will keep your face hydrated.
Moisturizing your skin is as important as drinking water everyday. Even if you do not do clean up, make it a point to apply moisturizer on your face and neck everyday after washing your face.

Follow these steps and see for your self how glowing and fresh your skin feels.

Mind you facial clean up is not only for your skin, it should be a process to relax you and take off your mind for worrying matters.
After all I did start this post with the steps to pamper you.

So make sure you do this clean up when you have at least 1 hr at hand because there is no point in rushing… is there?

Hope you liked my post, for more such posts keep connected.


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  1. Supriya Rawat

    Hola R,
    Thanks for your insightful article on facial cleansing.

  2. sakshi

    I tried your idea of facial clean up..my skin has become so soft and glowing..thanks 🙂

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