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My day has started on a good note and I have so many exciting things planned out today.
I wanted to have a hair treatment, but I do not have time to prepare one. I always use my Banana and Egg Hair pack every Sunday, but I opted for my already ready-to use pack from Biotique today. It is Bio Musk Root : Fresh growth Nourishing treatment pack.

And I thought I should do a review of it, as this is the only hair packI have used if I am too lazy to prepare my DIY  packs.

Bio Musk Root

Bio Musk Root

Biotique is beauty brand from India specializing in herbal beauty products for skin and hair care. I have few favorites from this brand and Bio root hair Mask is one of them.

Read on further to know why I am impressed with this product:

This hair mask boosts hair growth by nourishing your hair and making them stronger. The packaging is simple. It comes in green and bluish cardboard box which forms the outer cover. Inside it,  is a white tub with a green lid. Green and white are trademark colors of Biotique products. It is travel friendly and there is no leakage. But the pack itself is so condense there will not be any leakage.  The how to use and benefits of the hair pack comes outer box and the on tub as well.

Ingredients :

Bio MuskRoot_ing

Price : Rs. 199 for 230 gm

Availability : Easily available in malls , cosmetic shops and online sites in India


Detailed Review:

The hair mask is very condensed and black in color. The smell is very herbal. I find the smell quite similar to Henna. I do not enjoy henna smell, so I have to cope up with this smell. Mind you, it is not over powering, but since the mask has to stay on for 30 mins I actually do cope up with the smell.  The quantity is more than enough for using 7-8 times for medium length hair which is a steal.

Bio Musk root

Bio Musk root

I prepare the mask by mixing 1 egg and 2 spoons of the Bio Musk root mask in a bowl. I apply it on my scalp by partitioning my hair and starting from below of my head. This process is very messy as the masks dries up very quickly and the mask particles start falling off on the clothes. So I make sure I wear an old t-shirt. After covering the scalp and I move on the hair strands and cover them till the ends with the mask. Then I collect my hair together and fix them in a bun.

Bio Musk Root + Egg

Bio Musk Root + Egg

I cover my head with the shower cap and wait for 30 mins.

After 30 mins , I wash off my hair with mild shampoo. Again washing the mask off is a messy process as my bathroom floor will be covered with the black mask. But it is worth it trust me.

When I am washing off the mask, at that point itself I start feeling the softness on my hair. I do not apply any conditioner after shampooing when I use this mask as I don’t feel the need.

This mask will leave your hair soft and manageable. I cannot comment on the hair growth part as I use many methods to boost my hair growth and I hope this mask too contributes to it.

But on the nourishment front, it is as best as it can get. And after washing it off, the smell becomes faint which surprisingly I enjoy.

Keeping aside the messiness of the mask while applying and washing it off. This mask is too good for the price I get it at. I love the softness it gives to my hair without the need of a conditioner. Also it makes my hair manageable after drying.

I would recommend it to everyone who looks for herbal products as we know how damaging chemicals are to our hair.

Hope you liked my review. If  you want me to review my other favorite products from Biotique please do let me know by commenting or emailing me and I will review them.

Till then feel beautiful and stay connected.