Hello Beauties,

I wanted to share with you all how I clean my makeup brushes.

Since I wear light makeup everyday, I don’t have much of a need for makeup brushes. But today I needed to clean my brushes, so thought I will write a post on it.

What you need:

Warm Water

Mild shampoo

Brush cleaner

Paper towels



Mix mild shampoo in warm water and soak your brushes for 15 mins.

Remove the brushes out of the water and dip them in clean warm water once more to remove all the dirt.

Place the brushes on a paper towel to soak the water.

Make sure you layer enough no. of paper towels to soak the moisture.

Fill a bowl with a brush cleaner and dip a brush in it for 2 mins.

Place a layer of paper towels and twirl the brush gently to remove all the dirt. You will see the color transfer from the brush to paper towel.

Dip the brush once more in clean warm water and keep for drying in open space.

Never blow dry your brushes, let them dry naturally.

It takes only around 5 mins to clean your brushes.


Hope you liked my post.