How to Add Volume to your Hair

Hello Beauties,

Hope you are doing well.It has been a long time since I have posted anything. So I thought I will post an article today on beauty rather than a product review. Cos who doesn’t like to read beauty tips huh??

So, today I decided to address a very common problem for girls having thin, straight and flat hair like me.
Not all of us are best blessed with thick, bouncy or voluminous hair. But we strive to keep our hair that way.

Voluminous Hair

Voluminous Hair

So here’s my post on ways to add volume to your hair for the perfect tousled, voluminous and sexy hair instead of dull ,boring and thin hair.

1. Get a Haircut
I can’t emphasize enough on this. But your hair do need a haircut everyy other 3 months. To add volume get a layer haircut. If your hair are short or medium length, focus the layers near your chin level. For longer hair, add layers at all levels. Layers give an illusion of more volume as the length of each section differs. You will notice many celebrities with thin and straight hair always opt for this method.


Layered Haircut

2. Use volumizing shampoo and conditioner
Determine your hair type and then select your shampoo and conditioner accordingly. Try using shampoo and conditioner that claim to have volumizing effect. Schwarzkopf makes the best shampoos for volume, try it if possible. You can buy it HERE.

3. Give lift to your roots
You can lift your hair roots using rollers. These are the best ways to give volume to your hair at the roots.
If not that, wrap your hair near the scalp around your brush and aim your blow dryer for about 30 secs and let your hair loose off the brush and you can see an instant volume to your hair.

4. Tease your hair
This is the best way to add volume , especially when doing hairstyles. Collect your hair around the crown and comb it through. Now start teasing the back of the hair in downwards and upwards direction. You can lock the tease with a hair spray for a longer effect.

Deepika with teased hair

Deepika with teased hair

5. Tie your hair in buns or ponytail
This is the method I usually follow which gives me an instant volume on the go.
On my 3rd day hair, I tie my hair in a bun or ponytail the night before while sleeping. And in the morning when I leave my hair, Voila I have an instant volume. If not overnight, I tie my hair before stepping out of my house and when I reach my destination , I free my hair. trust me it does give an instant volume.

5. Switch your parting
Another method that I follow is switching the parting of my hair. I do a side parting to my hair rather than middle parting. So every alternate day I switch my parting and it does provide an volume. If you have never changed your parting since a long time be it side or middle parting, try this method, as you hair near the parting will have become thin and flat. Once you part then to the opposite direction, it will give a boost.


6. Highlight your hair
Definitely a durable solution for volume problems other than a haircut to give an illusion of volume and lift without any hassle. We, Indians, are blessed to ahve darker shades of hair color and hence our hair naturally look voluminous. But for people who have thin and flat hair, you can try adding highlights of different darker tones to your hair. Highlights will give you a boost in volume as difference in hair color will make you think, you have more hair. Also the glossy shine of the highlights add to the illusion. Avoid getting highlights near your scalp and concentrate more on the middle to end of the hair section with highlights that complement your natural hair color and you will notice the difference.

7. Clip In Extensions
This could be the solution to your thin hair problems while attending a party or function. You can purchase clip-ons matching your hair color and type( straight or curl) and clip them on whenever you feel like adding volume to your hair. This is another method, which most celebrities opt for.


That’s all I have to say for this post. And if you look at Bipasha’s hair in the 1st pic or rather all the celebrities in this post, you will notice all of them have  followed almost all the tips I have  mentioned and you can really see the volume in their hair. Well I noticed this at the end of the post, and thought I would point it out. LOL!!!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Will try to write a post of different hairstyles that show volume.

Till then, feel beautiful and stay connected.


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