Born Lippy from Body Shop- Strawberry flavor Review

Hello Beauties,

Hope  you are doing well. Today I decided to do something different, and asked my younger sister to review her favorite product on my blog. My little sister has entered her teen age this year and few months back I had given her a gift pack of Born Lippy – Lip balms from The Body Shop.

Born Lippy In Strawberry

Born Lippy In Strawberry

When I was home for vacation, I noticed that her lip color had lightened , trust me her lips were dark before and now I could see that they were light shade of pink :). She pulled out the Born Lippy pot from her school bag and showed me the reason why. Then I told her that she must write a review on this for my blog and she obliged.

Price: 3.5 Euro for single lippy, I purchased the set of 5 Lippy for 15 Euros.

Born Lippy Gift Set

Born Lippy Gift Set

So here it is, hope you enjoy it.

I have been using it since five months and I have been loving it since. I use it when dryness touches my lips. It is really moisturizing. And it adds a pinkish tint to my lips. So I also use it while going out without any need for a lip gloss.

Coming to the package  it comes in a small tub which is really handy to be dropped in your purse or your pocket.

It is rosemary red in color and is very smooth to touch. Only drawback is it melts in heat.


The smell is just the same as a strawberry which I love and it can make anyone devour its contents. I sometimes have to control myself from eating it  🙂

Before using it my lips were dark but now with a magic of its touch they have started lightening . I think its just good enough for anyone facing this problem. And for teenagers it is surely a treasure locked with beauty.

You can actually buy a set of it of different flavors but I guess strawberry is just the best.

— Love Suru

Lippy Swatch

Lippy Swatch


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  1. sakshi

    well this was really helpful for me…I was facing similar problem of lips darkening…thanks for this post..keep writing 🙂

  2. Supriya Rawat

    Even i am facing same issues with lips darkening, this post was really helpful.I tried some of the home remedies like scrubbing with salt and all but it was not of much use. Can you post some home remedies for de-tanning lips.

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