Hello Beauties,

I know I have not been posting any articles for about a month now, but I was caught up with other things. Though I used to plan posts, ideas, reviews, etc. I din’t really get a chance to sit and write or click photos. But those days are gone now and I am back with a mind full of ideas.

I wanted to share my current skin care routine : I couldn’t decide whether to post night or day time skin care routine so decided to slot them in simple and advanced.

My mornings are really hectic, where each minute from the time I wake up till I rush out of the door counts. So I don’t really have the time for an elaborate routine: hence calling it simple.

Nights  or rather evenings are the time where I can actually enjoy and take care of my skin properly. This routine involves additional steps: hence I call it my advance routine.

Simple  SkinCare Routine:

Wash my face with The Body Shop Facial Cleanser in Tea Tree

If my face looks dull, exfoliate with Lakme Scrub ( very rarely)

Apply Jovees Skin toner in Cucumber with a cotton ball

Apply Clinique  Dramatically Different Moisturizing cream

Follow the steps for Quick make Up look and head out of the door.



Advanced Skin Care Routine:

Wash my face with Yves Rocher cleansing gel to remove all the traces of my makeup( mainly involves my waterproof mascara and eye liner)

Apply Jovees Skin toner to remove all the traces or my makeup

Exfoliate with Lakme Scrub( every 3rd day)

Apply Freeman’s Avocado and Oatmeal Clay mask ( Once/Twice a week depending on the dullness on my face)

Apply Aloe soothing night cream from Body Shop on face and neck

Apply Nivea Fruity shine in Pink Guava Lip Balm on lips

Enjoy the rest of the evening watching TV, internet surfing, reading and dreaming.



After bath:  I apply Body Shop Almond Body Butter on my body. I love this stuff during winters.


Hope you liked this post.