10 Color choices for your Bridal lehenga

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Hope you all are doing well. And I?? I have been getting  so many wedding invitations lately that I am confused whose wedding is when. Then I realized it is wedding season here in India. Well let me tell you I am not a ‘wedding fan’ . I hate weddings and I barely attend them. But the idea of shopping and planning your outfit and look is a fun part. I always tell everyone the only reason I may get married is so that I can do loads of shopping. Hehe.


I always like surfing through new styles and clothes and more clothes and more styles. This is something i do everyday. So I planned on writing many posts exclusive related to wedding. Hopefully you all will enjoy them.

In today’s time a bride has so many options to choose from ranging from type, style, color,fusion , etc. that sometimes it becomes exhausting and confusing to decide on one final piece. I know I know every girl has her wedding outfit planned for God knows when. But that doesn’t mean she has not changed her look a million times every time she saw an actress in bridal dress in a movie or saw models parading wedding collection in fashion shows or just while browsing her FB wall. Everyone has been there, trust me. Gone are those days when the bridal outfit was only red or green color. Now we have a bridal choice of any color in any shade. Matter is of picking the shade you love the most. Hopefully this post will help you decide which color you get more inclined to and also show you which options are available.

  1. Traditional Red Color

However much we try, we just can’t ignore this color. Always a safe option for Indian brides. And the only color which truly screams ‘BRIDE IS HERE”.




2. Pink

Since our childhood, we have been obsessed with the color pink, so why not wear it on our wedding day. Be it pink, dark pink, baby pink or neon pink, the options are endless.



3. Green

Green being one of the traditional colors for weddings is mostly sought after. Pick out a green lehenga and you will end up looking like a royal trust me.



4.  Orange

If not red or pink, orange is acceptable color for an Indian bride. Orange has been trending in weddings for 2 years now and it is as traditional as red.



5. White

Complete white lehenga is not trending as much one would wish, but  I have already designed  white lehenga outfit in my head. But we still see lot of people opting for white in combination with other colors like green, pink, red.



6. Blue

Another color that is gaining lots of popularity in weddings. Be it navy blue, light blue, royal blue, you can just choose any shade of blue and rock the color on your special day.



7. Yellow

Another popular color for Indian brides especially in South India, yellow brings a glow on the bride’s face.



8.  Golden

The Bollywood color is gaining popularity day by day. Any golden lehenga will make you look gorgeous like a celebrity.



9. Black

If I had my way, my wedding lehenga will definitely be black! But Indians are rather superstitious regarding the color black and especially in weddings. But black is quietly making its way in bridal outfits. And who doesn’t look good in Black??



10. Color combination

Can’t decide the color of your wedding lehenga? Confused about  different colors? Well then why not combine them. The best way to rock your wedding outfit is to play with colors in your outfit.



Hope you liked my post. For more such posts stay connected.





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