Hello Beauties,

Today I wanted to review this shade of NYX lipstick : Milan which is a perfect shade for nude look.
When I tried it on for the 1st time I went crazy and ended up buying more shades from the range. It is so smooth to apply and it leaves such a moist feeling on the lips that you have to fall in love with it.

Detailed  Review:

NYX Lipstick in shade 621: Milan.


Price: 5 Euros.

The shade is one of the lightest shade from the range.the color is  pinkish with a brown tint to it. It is basically a nude pink closer to your lip color. If you give only 1 swatch it will just look like your lip color with a tint. Perfect the nude look or everyday look.

The packaging is basic in a round tube. The bottom part in the shade’s color which is a plus point to identify the lipstick you are picking. Also the bottom has the shade no. inscribed on it. The cover has the shades name: Milan on a sticker which can easily come off as you can see in my pictures.

The texture is very smooth. But it tends to break especially in hot whether since it is so soft. The fragrance is pleasant and not too overpowering. I sometimes apply this lipstick just for the smell.


The color is very pigmented but you need to apply multiple swipes to get the actual color onto the lips. It doesn’t leak and gives a matte look. It is really moisturizing. The staying power is average . It stays on for 2-3 hrs. on my lips. Needs touch ups every now and then.

I use this shade when I have smokey or heavy eye makeup and want to go soft on the lips. This lipstick perfectly fits the bills.

It is super affordable for the quality. I wish the lasting power was bit longer.

Other than that no complains. I would definitely recommend this lipstick. Plus it offers so many shades to choose from , you will definitely find one shade or the other you will fall in love with.

Hope you liked this review.