Hiya Beauties,

Hope you guys are having a good weekend. As for me I recently watched the movie Tamasha starring Ranbir and Deepika.
Both looked awesome in the movie, but I must say, Deepika can rock any outfit put on her.
I would soon be writing an article inspired from the movie.
But before that I wanted to show the 2nd part of my Australia Shopping haul which involves Non-Makeup related stuff. But of course involves the 2nd important part of my blog: Fashion and everything else. Though it is a mini haul, I still couldn’t stop sharing it with you guys.
If you have missed the 1st part, you can view it HERE.

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Australian Stones : These all were birthday gifts from my friend returning from Australia.


-Fresh Water pearls necklace -> I just love the shell!!! It is so adorable.
-Rose Quartz (Love stone) –> Supposedly it develops a healthy state of mind and creates inner harmony. I seriously need it :).
-Opal necklace from New Zealand Paua Shell -> Well opal is my birth stone and blue is fav. color. What is better than this right?

Shoes:  While editing I realized that all the shoes that I had ordered were black!!! But who cares!!
The 3rd pair of the shoes were my all term favorite when I was in Australia. I had carried an extra pair while travelling back to India and wore them out. My dear friend managed to get this for me. This is my 3rd pair now.



Quay Sunglasses: In Asha Gold.Absolutely adore these!!! 


Some stationary for my blog: These were also souvenir gifts from my friend. He thought I will use them for jotting down ideas for my blog. How sweet.



Love you guys, stay connected.