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Holiday season is in full swing and we have already finished buying decorations, trees and gifts. I am sure all the decorations are up for the festival and the look and feel of the house screams ‘It’s Christmas time!!!’. But don’t worry if you are lagging behind the decorations. You can still do it, just need remove some time out. I thought why not share a simple DIY idea which will bring the festive feel in your homes. This DIY is a candle stand which can be easily made using the things already in your house. So let’s begin:

Things you need:
Transparent Glass/Jar
Masking Tape
White Toothpaste

The idea is to wrap parallel lines using the tape onto the glass/jar. You can use empty jars or glasses present in your house. Any tape will be fine as long as it sticks to the glass. For sponge I have used Scotch brite sponge we get here in India for washing dishes.

1.Start by wrapping a strip of the tape on the glass leaving 1 cm space from the rim parallel.
2. Repeat step 1, keeping distance of 1-2 cm between each strip till you cover the whole glass.
3. End of step 2, your glass should be covered alternately with tape. On blank line, other line covered with tape.

New folder8
4. Remove toothpaste on a plate, and using the sponge dab the toothpaste onto the glass on the non-covering parts.
5. Leave the toothpaste to dry for 20-30 mins.
6. After the glass is completely dry, remove the tape strips.
7. Viola, your candle stand is ready.
Place a candle inside the glass and place it on your table. You are done.

If you have the time , mix some color in the toothpaste before applying to the glass.This will add more bling to the glass.
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