Top 5 Most Read Articles

Top 5 Most Read Articles

Hiya Beauties,

Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2016. May this year you fulfill all you wishes and dreams. My wish is to be more active on my blog this year and write interesting posts every week.

With this thought, I wanted to collate the 5 most read articles of this blog in 1 page. These articles are listed completedly based on the stats. If you have not read them already, request you to have a peek and let me know what you feel about it.

1. 10 Color choices for your Bridal lehenga

Posted in the fashion and style category,this post is about the color choices of you wedding lehenga you can choose from for your D-Day. I have listed 10 popular colors currently and have provided 3-4 styles of lehnegas you can opt for in each color. Do check it out HERE.


2. Face Cleanup at Home in Easy Steps 

Simple steps to pamper yourself on weekends or when you need to cheer up. The end result will suprise you. Do try it out. For the steps read it HERE.


3. Tamasha Movie Inspired Outfit Guide for your next Travel

I love the way Deepika carries every outfit put on her in any movies or functions or anytime.

This movie had simple outfits paired so well, that it looked stylish with no hassle. You can acheive the looks using pieces you actually own. Check out the collection have I have put together HERE.

4. Shopping Haul from Australia- Volume 1

I was skeptical about this post, whether to do it or not. I love watching and reading Shopping hauls of other bloggers, but was not sure whether I was up for it. But I wanted to share my excitement on receiving this stuff. Please check out my haul HERE


5. How to Add Volume to your Hair

My personal favorite post as I need volume the most on my hair. I am really proud of this article and would want you to read this post which shares different ways you can add volume to your hair.  Check it out HERE.