The Canvas is as important as the painting. If we choose the wrong canvas, it will affect the painting. Similar way the application of makeup as beautiful as your base. You need to perfect base for the application of makeup.
It is very important for your skin to be ready for layers and layers of makeup to be applied. And also if you wishfor your makeup to stay for longer duration. The key to this is prepping your skin so that is ready for spot on makeup application.
Prepping your skin is not at all a time consuming process but makes a difference of a world on how your makeup will look and stay on your skin.
Follow these simple steps before applying makeup and notice the difference yourself.



  • Start by cleansing your skin with a cleansing lotion or facial wash.
  • Scrub your skin if necessary  to get rid of dead skin , black and white heads.
  • Pat your skin dry and apply toner using a cotton pad on your face and neck.
  • Apply moisturizer next on your face and neck.
  • Allow few seconds till the moisturizer is absorbed into the skin.
  • Apply eye cream covering the lids and under eye.
  • Next finishing step : apply primer all over your face to minimize the pores and give smoothness to your skin.

That’s all!!!Your skin is all prepped up and ready for the application of foundation.