DIY: Gift Idea -The Happiness Box

Hiya Beauties,

I am back with another DIY and this time it is a gift idea.

I was reading a post on Will All my affection blog, and got inspired to do this gift box on my own.



It is a best idea to gift someone on their birthday , but I feel it will be apt gift for valentine’s day. It is a box made of inspiration quotes or happy thoughts or messages to your loved ones. Whatever fits the bill.And each day they can pick 1 message and read it.  You get the gist right?

So let’s get started.

  1. Take a printout of the quotes/messages you have listed. You can opt to write the messages your slip of papers
  2. Cut out the quotes/messages in strips.
  3. Fold the the strips.
  4. Pick a box or you can create 1 yourself in which you want to store the strips.
  5. Fill the box with strips.
  6. Style the box and accessorize it according to your taste. And you are done.


New folder12



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  1. sakshi

    amazing idea 🙂

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