Hiya Beauties,

I have spent last 2 weeks planning my visit to Mumbai for the launch of Sephora. I was really excited to visit, but I was very disappointed. So disappointing that I preferred shopping in MAC instead. Firstly I was 1 hr. late because of the traffic. When I reached there , there was a huge queue covering the entire floor of Palladium Mall. I guess around 500-600 excited girls awaiting their turn to enter the most sought out shop in the makeup world.
I was disappointed , as I wanted to be 1 of the first 300 customers. In the instagram page Sephora_India had promised goodies for the 1st 300 customers, which I later came to know was just a marketing tactic. I heard few girls got Rs.100 off on their purchase, but I was not 1 of them although I was the 6th customer to bill( I gate -crashed- will come to that later).

Well that being said, I will speak of the launch. Launch was awesome. Actress Kangana Ranaut was there. I just got see glimpse of her, while her security guards took her outside the mall. She was very tall and fair.
So after seeing the huge queue,I was not going to give up. I saw there were many photographers on the other side of the shop.Then I went to that side. Acted to be 1 of them, at least I hope, because nobody said anything. Then the Sephora crew started performing. The only thing worth going all the way to Mumbai.

After the performance the gates (or rather rails) were opened for the shoppers , 10 at a time. I managed to sneak with them in the chaos. My first glimpse of the shop was WOW!! The shop was big and the layout was exactly like the Sephora’s I have visited in abroad. I can compare it only with Sephora Pune from India as I have not been to the Delhi 1 yet. It was good. The SA’s were friendly though lacked lots of knowledge. I went straight to explore the shop.

Brands Available: Makeup Forever,Soap &Glory,Benefit ,Dior ,Sephora ,Forest Essentials ,Stila ,Clarins ,Estee Lauder ,Clinique ,Lancome ,etc.

-Good Layout and spacious
-Wide variety of Sephora products
-Friendly SA’s
-Testers were available for every makeup product

– Important brands like Nyx, Faceshop, Burt and Bee’s missing which are not available in India
– Unnessecary brands like Estee LAuder,Clinque, Forest Essentials placed in the shop, because┬ásame individual shops are present in the mall.
– All products are not in stock of every brand- Fragrances from Benefit, Lip scrub and Facial sprays from Forest Essentials, Travel bottles from Sephora, etc
– Perfumes lacked testers
– SA’s not knowledgeable about the products
– Sephora products are highly priced especially the brushes which are not worth the price.
– No goodies offered as promised- false marketing strategy.

Makeup Haul:

From Sephora:
Sephora Rose Masks – Rs. 499 each/-
Stila Liquid Lipstick in Aria 04 – Rs. 1, 860/-
Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream – Rs.2,450 /-sep

From MAC:
MAC Studio Fix – Rs.2,290/-
Mac Lipstick in Ruby Woo – Rs. 1,450/-


From Forest Essentials:
Lip Scrub Cane Sugar – Rs.475/-