Month: February 2016

OOTD- Pastel on My Mind

Hiya Beauties,

The weather in my city is very breezy and cool today. You know similar to spring. It is still hot to go outside. But I guess it will be cool and pleasant in the evening.

I wanted to do something different for my blog and thought I will post outfit ideas based on my mood. I am thinking of doing it every Friday, but let us see how it turns out. Hope you enjoy it.

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Catrice Velvet Matt Smokey Eyes Pencil Review

Hiya Beauties,

I have started cleaning and organizing my vanity this week and I am stumbling upon so many of hidden treasures. Does it happen to you as well? We have a thing or 2 or many lying around in some corner and to be discovered years later!!!! Well I came across 1 such thing or rather 2 and wanted to do a review on these.

Catrice Velvet Matt Smoky eyes Pencil: 010- Please, Mauve Black and 020 – Avokhaki


It is a pencil that can be smudged and used as thick liner or eye shadow using the integrated brush. So it is a 2-in-1 product which I love.  

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Build your MakeUp Kit in Rs.1000/-

Hiya Beauties,

Few of my friends are very skeptical in splurging in makeup products. Which is quite alright considering they don’t apply makeup on daily basis. But when they have any occasion or function to attend they turn to me to ask for recommendation on products. So I thought why not write a post to create a budget makeup kit for such cases. It will be ideal for beginners who are just dwelling in the world of makeup and don’t want to splurge more.
This kit is also perfect for people who apply makeup once in a while during these occasions.

I have tried to stay in the limit of budget Rs. 1000/- which I think is reasonable amount to try your first hand in makeup. I have carefully created this list with the best products that I could find within the price range. I have used most of these products and know people who still use these products and are content with them.

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Catrice Neo Geisha Lip & Cheek Colour in C02

Hiya Beauties,

Today I am writing a review on a 2-in-1 products that is Lip and Cheek colour from Catrice Cosmetics. I was a limited edition release in Neo geisha collection. The shade is C02 Picked Cherry Blossoms. It is a lovely pink color and I must say it meets both the ends very well.

I know I am bit late on this review, but I have made up my mind to review almost all products(if that is possible ) in my vanity. So I will keep this review very short.



Price : Eur. 3.99/-

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Valentine’s Special-Bourjois 15 Rouge Podium Lipstick review

Hiya Beauties,

Wish you a very happy valentine’s day. This is day of love,not just for your BF/GF, husband/wife, but for every form of love present in this universe. Love is a powerful force that brings us together. Every day is a day for celebrating  love but we need to have a special day to stop in our busy schedule and appreciate every form of love and to be thankful to be loved.With this is mind I wanted to play around with the color of love i.e. RED and thought what is better than a red lipstick which i am sure will be staple in every girl’s day today.


I found this particular shade of red in my vanity and I loved it and I am so going to wear it today in the evening : Bourjois Rouge Edition in shade 15 Rouge Podium. Hope you like my post and do let me know what you are wearing on your lips today. I hope it will be a ‘smile’!!!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for HER

Hiya Beauties,

So with just 4 days to go, excitement must be building up in your lives for the big date day. Everyone with loved 1’s will be wondering: What am I going to get? What am I going to give?? So and so…. If you haven’t made up your minds yet, have a look at my Gift Ideas for him- HERE. And for those last minute guys (as always!!Ahem!!) here are some ideas which will save your lives and sure to make your loved ones smile.
So without further ado, here are few ideas which can inspire you:


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Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Hiya Guys,

With only 7 days remaining for the Valentine’s day, I am sure many girls will be out shopping and planning what to wear.
I wanted to share 3 outfit ideas with you guys. which you can play around and re-create according to your style.

Hope you enjoy them. Let me know which is your favorite and what are you wearing on the 14th?

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Valentine Day Gift Ideas for HIM

Hello Beauties,

Welcome to the month February – the month of love. I wanted to do a post on valentine gift ideas and thought of dividing them in 2 parts – for HIM & HER. Gonna keep it small and sweet. Hope you enjoy reading it.


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