Hello Beauties,

Welcome to the month February – the month of love. I wanted to do a post on valentine gift ideas and thought of dividing them in 2 parts – for HIM & HER. Gonna keep it small and sweet. Hope you enjoy reading it.


  1. Perfume + Skin Care Set – Don’t just go for a perfume bottle. Add 1 or 2 skin care products in the kit. Guys too need them you know.

  2. Watch Case- I am sure you might gifting watches to your BF/husband on every occasion- trust me such limited options for guys. Why not gift a watch box so that he can arrange his precious watches in a classy way.

  3. Gadgets – Guys go gaga over gadgets – Be it anything. You can opt for earphones, mini woofers for lesser budget or can go up to Samsung Gear S2, if you want to splurge!!!

  4. Duffel Bag- Ahh!!! I spy guys carrying sleek and macho duffel bags at the airports. Makes them look hot and stylish. Perfect gift idea!!!

  5. Home Cooked Meal – As someone rightly said ‘ A way to a man’s heart is through is stomach.’ Prepare a meal by yourself and have a romantic dinner. Best gift Ever…

  6. Happiness/ Love Box- Simple DIY box containing loving quotes or personal messages or memories for your loved one. Thoughtful and romantic gift for Valentine. You can check my post HERE on Happiness box DIY.