Hiya Beauties,

So with just 4 days to go, excitement must be building up in your lives for the big date day. Everyone with loved 1’s will be wondering: What am I going to get? What am I going to give?? So and so…. If you haven’t made up your minds yet, have a look at my Gift Ideas for him- HERE. And for those last minute guys (as always!!Ahem!!) here are some ideas which will save your lives and sure to make your loved ones smile.
So without further ado, here are few ideas which can inspire you:


1. The Body Shop Gift Set
One of the best ideas is to mix and match items from Body shop and make a gift basket. She is going to love and use it also everyday. TBS makes the best skincare products. Go for strawberry line for Valentine’s.

  1. Couple’s Massage
    Book a couple’s massage in a spa and lounge around whole day sipping mocktail and having steam baths together. Perfect way to spend the day.
  2. Gift Bags( MSN /Fabbag)
    If your girl likes makeup and you don’t know a thing about it( which I sure), go for this option. You can order Fabbag HERE. They have romantic theme this month and your girl is sure to love the contents and you a get a bag as well.
  3. Romantic dinner -Home cooked Meal
    Can never go wrong trust me. Even if you are not a good cook, Make a sandwich. Trust me your efforts will be appreciated and loved.
  4. Gift Cards
    Safest option!!! Give her a gift card of her favorite store and let her do her own shopping. But you gotta drive her there and carry her bags please.
  5. Diamonds!!!
    Need I say more?? If you can splurge, go ahead and buy her a diamond. I ahve my fingers crossed this valentine.

Hope you liked my post. Do let me know which gift will you like to receive.