Hiya Beauties,

Wish you a very happy valentine’s day. This is day of love,not just for your BF/GF, husband/wife, but for every form of love present in this universe. Love is a powerful force that brings us together. Every day is a day for celebrating  love but we need to have a special day to stop in our busy schedule and appreciate every form of love and to be thankful to be loved.With this is mind I wanted to play around with the color of love i.e. RED and thought what is better than a red lipstick which i am sure will be staple in every girl’s day today.


I found this particular shade of red in my vanity and I loved it and I am so going to wear it today in the evening : Bourjois Rouge Edition in shade 15 Rouge Podium. Hope you like my post and do let me know what you are wearing on your lips today. I hope it will be a ‘smile’!!!

Price : 13.5 Eur.
INR.995 /-.

Detailed Review:

The packaging is sleek and sturdy. I love the color code given at the bottom. helps pick up the right shade when you are in a hurry.


It is a very beautiful red shade. Brightens up my face. It is very creamy and moisturizing. The color is heavily pigmented and you get the exact color in 1 swipe. It has some kind of granules in it. You feel the grittiness while applying , but it goes away after few minutes. The color itself is bold with some orange undertone to it. It suits my skin which is dusky. It brings out a glow on my face and freshness. I loved this thing about this shade. The lasting power is 3-4 hrs without any meals. Though it doesn’t fade immediately , it leaves a nice soft tint on the lips behind.



Overall it is a great lipstick for a night out or a bold look. Wish it was less expensive. Plus point for it’s moisturizing effect.