Hiya Beauties,
So another month has come to an end. This year is moving so fast. I wanted to write this post on the last day of Feb, just to give homage to the month of love, but was busy in some other stuff. I have traveled to 3 states in just 2 days. So damn busy. Nonetheless enjoyed to the fullest.

Today’s review is on a lip liner from Nyx. I know!! I have been writing many reviews on lip products. Will switch to different product in next post. I promise.
The review is on the shade Nude pink.IMG_4592

This lip liner comes in a retractable pencil which is a advantage as you don’t waste any product sharpening. The color says nude pink but it is actually a lightest pink color pencil.
I love it for the creamy texture. Not only do I use it as an lip pencil, I use it for filling my lips as well for the perfect pink nude lips.

I bought this pencil from Sephora Pune. The price was displayed as Rs. 320/- But while billing they charged me Rs.620 something for it. What a rip-off!!!

Price :Rs. 620

Detailed Review:

The packaging is pretty standard. It comes in a retractable pencil of pink color. I love when the packages are color coded. It is easier to hunt and pick them while in hurry.
There is no fragrance in it. The texture is very creamy and matte. The application is very easy. The product comes on very smoothly. The only complain I have is the texture is very creamy and breaks off very easily and frequently if you apply bit of a pressure. Leads to lots of wastage. I am not sure if its only with my pencil( because I don’t really trust product quality and expiry dates with Sephora Pune), but I do face a lot of breakage with the pencil.


The color is very lightish shade of pink. It gives a perfect pinkish matte look to the lips. It goes well with my skin tone which is medium Indian skin tone. I use it often as a lip color instead of lip color. The staying power is average upto 4 hrs if not eating. As a lip liner it does stay longer.

Overall I enjoy the shade. I hate the price of the product in India. It is not worth the price.
Other than that it is a perefect buy and perfect shade for daily wear.