Today I wanted to review a product that has been my soul mate on my lazy days. It has rescued my hair every single time I have used it: Batiste  dry shampoo in Floral and Flirty Blush.


First of all I want to tell you guys, especially my friends , who aren’t aware of dry shampoos. As the name suggest dry shampoo is a shampoo you can use without wetting your hair. How is that possible? Well you spray it on your unwashed hair and viola you hair are as fresh as washed hair. Dry shampoo contains talc as a main ingredient which soaks up the oil in your hair,making it fresh and adding volume. The formula is as such that talc will be absorbed in your hair so you won’t see the white residue. And that is how you determine a good shampoo. Is it leaving any residue? Soaking up the oil or not? Giving lift to hair or not? Now let’s see how Batiste shampoo answers these

Price: 14 AUD. for 400 ml .

Available in India: Yes on online stores for a higher price.

The packaging is standard dry shampoo bottle. Same as the original Batiste dry shampoo but with different print and colour.It has cute little pink flowers all overs. The bottle has a nozzle to spray which is of good quality, doesn’t get stuck or anything. I have the large size bottle, but the smaller bottle is an ideal size for travelling.

Detailed Review:

My hair become greasy and flat very fast. That was one of the reasons I purchased this dry shampoo. I am a very lazy girl by birth and I am always late in the mornings. So this adds up to having to use the dry shampoo and the reason why it is my soul mate. Especially during the winters when I cannot bear the cold. That being said, I use the dry shampoo on the third day of washing my hair. My hair are very thin and flat and in constant need for volume.

I spray the dry shampoo on my roots on the front part of my head keeping 1 foot distance. I partition my hair in sections and spray on the roots till my crown. Once done, I gently massage my hair and then brush through my hair. The fragrance of the shampoo is very floral and mild. The fragrance lasts on my hair for some time up to 2-3 hrs. but is very mild.

Batiste shampoo sometimes does leave white residue and that’s why the massaging is necessary. Once massaged the residue or rather the talc gets absorbed and the oiliness is removed. Also if you shake the bottle well before use the residue will not be there. Coming to the volume part, it gives an instant lift to my hair, once I massage it. The oiliness is soaked perfectly and my hair feels clean and fresh.

The cost is the best in the market. The product itself is the best in the market.
If you get a chance you ought to try it. I am sure you will not regret it and it will definitely be a staple product in your vanity.