Month: April 2016

Review|Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip Scrub

Hiya Beauties,

The trend of liquid lipsticks full fledged is ON in the makeup world. And do you know what it does to lips besides making them look glamorous and matte?? Yes you got that right: dry and flaky. I love my liquid lipsticks. It is best thing to have in your collection. Somehow glossy lips don’t look so good on me. Yet , since I have started using the liquid lipsticks, it has taken a major toll on my lips. They are kinds of flaky and dry and ┬ájust couldn’t rely on only my good old lip balms to nourish my lips. So I went ahead and bought the Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip scrub. Read on to know how it fared.


Price:  Rs.475/- for 8 gm.

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Add Oomph to To Your Eyes this Summer

Hello my beauties,

How are you doing this month? I am trying had to cope with the heat in my city with no luck. Also I am addicted like, hell ya, addicted to Instagram. I keep on stalking all make-up related things. I even dream of palettes, lipsticks, balms and what not!!! Have you guys ever got these dreams?


I wanted to do a post on summer trends and decided to post on makeup 1st then on fashion. In the summers, nobody wants to wear a face full of foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer and highlighters(Phew I am tired!!!). It is just layers and layers of makeup and our skin will not be able to take the load. So our poor girl’s only choice remains is to play with our eyes or lips. And today’s post will be on how to add a bling to your eyes. These tips are the best ways to doll up your eyes.

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WaterMelon Mojito for Summer

Hiya Beauties,

How is your weekend going?? Can you believe it is April already and I have still not working on things I have planned for this year. Well nothing new in that. But even then isn’t this year rushing so fast. And top it off the heat in India is killing me!!!! It is so hot in the mornings, afternoon, evening , at nights. Oh lord!!!!


So to escape this heat I wanted to learn to prepare some nice mocktails which will taste good and keep the heat away for sometime at least. I had gone to Barbeque Nation this Wednesday and I tried a watermelon+ basil mojito in their menu and instantly fell in love with it. Cut to today I thought I will try it out at home with few changes and it turned out to be so good. Read on to know the recipe!!!

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