Hello my beauties,

How are you doing this month? I am trying had to cope with the heat in my city with no luck. Also I am addicted like, hell ya, addicted to Instagram. I keep on stalking all make-up related things. I even dream of palettes, lipsticks, balms and what not!!! Have you guys ever got these dreams?


I wanted to do a post on summer trends and decided to post on makeup 1st then on fashion. In the summers, nobody wants to wear a face full of foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer and highlighters(Phew I am tired!!!). It is just layers and layers of makeup and our skin will not be able to take the load. So our poor girl’s only choice remains is to play with our eyes or lips. And today’s post will be on how to add a bling to your eyes. These tips are the best ways to doll up your eyes.

Coloured eye liners
My favourite way to brighten up a dull face, is to add use a coloured eye liners. You can can line your eyes and even  waterline with the same colour. Colours will make your eyes pop and look wider. My personal favourite is green colour. It adds a glam to my eyes whenever I use it. Maybelline, Lakme, Sephora, etc have such gorgeous colours that you can choose from.


Highlight your Inner corners
Inner corners are the darkest areas on our eyes and to brighten up those areas we need to highlight. This will not only bring attention to your eyes but will make your eyes pop.

Coloured Mascara
I love my L’oreal Miss Magna Mascara in Indigo blue. When I am out in the sun with that Mascara on, trust me my eyes sparkle!!! I have got so many compliments for the same. Perfect way to add a bling to your eyes.


Use a white liner
A white liner on your water liner will do wonders to your eyes. Especially for the ladies who are in hurry. Use a white liner on your water line will instantly make your eyes look bigger. Also you can just use the white liner on your inner corner as well for wide set eyes.


Bright Eyeshadows
Tried and tested trick of all times. Adding a pop of colour to your lids works every time. This summer add all the hues you like : purple, blue, green and see what a difference it makes to your eyes and your whole look.

Curl your lashes.
You’re going out and you need to glam up… fast! What to do? You curl your lashes and apply coats and coats of mascara even if it a black one. You can never have too many coats of mascara girls!!!


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