Hiya Beauties,

The trend of liquid lipsticks full fledged is ON in the makeup world. And do you know what it does to lips besides making them look glamorous and matte?? Yes you got that right: dry and flaky. I love my liquid lipsticks. It is best thing to have in your collection. Somehow glossy lips don’t look so good on me. Yet , since I have started using the liquid lipsticks, it has taken a major toll on my lips. They are kinds of flaky and dry and  just couldn’t rely on only my good old lip balms to nourish my lips. So I went ahead and bought the Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip scrub. Read on to know how it fared.


Price:  Rs.475/- for 8 gm.

Before I start will you take a moment and see how cute the packaging is? I just love the gold lid, plus the glass jar is sturdy. I would have loved a tube packaging, but all is forgiven over the cuteness of this little jar. I am definitely going to continue using the jar even after it is empty. I will  think of ways to use it.

Anyway back to the review: Well once you open the lid, you get the most natural and herbal aroma. It think it is of sugar cane. My sister thinks it is floral. But we both enjoyed the smell. It is not over powering so no need to worry. The lip scrub is pale yellow in colour. It does look very granular , but isn’t. In fact the texture is very smooth and had lots of moisture. Once you apply on your lips, it starts removing the flaky skin on your lips and leaves a thin layer of balm on your lips. You can think of it as a buffer for your lips.


I use it on my lips in circular motion. I work it all over my lips. No need to apply any lip balm afterwards. It leaves your lips very hydrated and moisturised. But for me personally , I would have wished it was a bit more coarser as I really have very flaky skin and I end up using the product more than necessary. Also the balm/oil in it is very smooth and hence it doesn’t provide enough friction to scrub. But don’t get me wrong it is indeed a very good lip scrub. But on my ‘bad lip days’ I wish it was a bit coarser.

Overall I am happy with the lip scrub, considering that we have very limited options in India for lip scrubs. If you too are suffering from chapped lips or are insanely in love with liquid lipsticks then go for it.