Month: June 2016

Perfect Gift Set from Forest Essentials

The perfect gift!!! Is there anything like the perfect gift? Sometimes my answer will be yes and at times no… I mean really can anyone be satisfied with a gift and ultimately call it perfect. I don’t think so. Anyways if not a perfect gift I am listing a ‘good enough’ gift for men or even women for that matter. I have purchased it trice already to gift 3 men and all seemed very happy with it. Men!!!! So Easy to please. Since I bought it 3 times just to gift someone I thought this product requires a mention on my blog.I gave this to my friend who was moving abroad so that he will be reminded of his roots through the smell of the soaps. And he did actually call me and thanked me for this gift.

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Lipstick Shades for Working Women |Featuring Lakme India

Hiya Beauties,

Couple of weeks ago, I posted a picture on my Lakme 9 to 5 Crease-less lipstick collection and many of you were asking and messaging me on the shade names. My personal Instagram account: HERE (Do follow ).

I hadn’t gone around doing the lip swatches so I couldn’t reveal the shades yet. So here I am writing a post on it. Basically I had decided to do a professional series of style and makeup since I am working in IT industry and I know it is tough out there to shuffle between work and personal care and style. I hope you have read my post on ballet shoes for working women. If not here is the link : CLICK .

Coming to this post, Lakme India had released their products in 9 to 5 series couple of years ago specifically targeting at working women. Since it is era of matte lips, I found these lipsticks while swatching at a counter and my love for them started. They were matte , long lasting and the shades were to die for. In India if we search for lipsticks we will mostly find reds, maroons and pinks. It is really difficult to find nudes, browns and corals, but my search was over with Lakme Crease-less 9 to 5 lipsticks.

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Insta Stores to buy International Makeup in India

Hiya Beauties,

For the past couple of months, I have been obsessed with Instagram. Well more than Instagram, I am more obsessed with lovely accounts who are making international makeup and beauty products directly available to us in India. I have had both type experiences : good and bad. And I am going to write about the good ones, so that you also the information and not have to deal with the bad guys to fulfill your makeup dreams.


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I Love My Ballet Flats| Shoe Haul

Phew, I seriously have no idea what to type. I have been MIA since a couple of months now.The reason being I have joined a new company and the work there is pretty hectic.

So, I have decided to change my writing style a little bit and not write mostly intricate details, but details from my point of view. Not that I was not doing that earlier . But now my long posts will be cringed to smaller and still detailed so that I can give time to my blog too. Let me know your views on it.

Anyways coming to my haul, I was supposed to post this last month, but just didn’t have time to do so. So here I am with my shoe haul and confessing my love for ballet flats.


I have been wearing ballet flats since ages. They are comfortable, chic and go with just about anything.

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