Hiya Beauties,

Hope you all are enjoying and achieving whatever you have planned for 2016. We are already in mid of the year 2016 so fast.
I wanted to travel a lot this year and I have had very little luck with that with my busy schedule. Nonetheless, still more months to go right? On this note , I wanted to review a product that I picked up on my travels.
When I was travelling to Italy, I had decided to stock up as many KIKO items as possible. I wanted to do this on my last day there, but having forgotten to carry my Mascara back home, had to rush to nearest KIKO shop near my hotel and pick up a Mascara. and lo behold!!! One thing led to another and I ended up stocking many products from KIKO.

I absolutely fell in love with 1 particular Mascara because of its  wand : KIKO VolumeEyes+ Mascara.



So here’s my review on it whether only the wand is the highlight or does the Mascara also has something to rave about.

Price: 10 Euro approx

 Availability in India: Sadly No.

What KIKO website says about it:

Active mascara with volumizing effect. A new dimension for the eyelashes. Thicker lashes, day after day.

This innovative formula is enhanced with K2 Prolash Complex, a combination of active and clinically proven ingredients, offering surprising results. After 30 days of use, tested results show that eyelashes’ average diameter increases more than 21 times when compared to traditional mascara.

The perfect coupling of formula and brush ensures intense volume with a dramatically curvaceous finish. The conical-shaped hollow fiber brush–designed exclusively for KIKO–distributes mascara evenly to reach even the smallest lashes at the corners of the eyes.

Easy to apply and effortlessly adapts to lashes. A creamy and supple texture that envelops and emphasizes lashes with a glossy, black finish.

My View: 

I am absolutely in love with this mascara from the packaging to the wand. I love how it lifts my lashes. I never have to use a curler before using this mascara. It is waterproof.


The brush bristles is very thick and tapers in the front. It applies generous amounts of mascara in one coat. Because of the conical shape of the wand we can get the lower lashes very easily. There is sometimes clamping of the product.It is super drying. Sometimes I  do feel the weight of the mascara on my lashes if I go for more than 1 coat. But i guess that’s because the formula itself is very thick and one coats suffices. Also the colour of the mascara is not the blackest of black so light hair ladies may not like it if you want a black mascara.

I always use this mascara when I don’t have time to curl my lashes. Also I carry it in my bag when I am travelling because the packaging is so cute.And when I am getting ready in hotel/mall’s restrooms it always attracts attention and someone or the other asks me which one is this.

Coming to its claim of increasing the lash length, well yes when I apply the mascara it does lengthen my lashes , but I cannot vouch for the permanent lengthening of the lashes

Overall, it is not bad of a mascara to have in your vanity, especially for girls on the go as it saves the hassle of curling your lashes.

I tried to keep this review short and sweet. Hope you enjoyed it and until next time keep smiling.