Hiya Beauties,

However much I try , I just cannot find time to post articles on my log. Sometimes I have the content ready but no photos and swatches or the other way round. On my recent trip to my home I have taken many photos of products I wanted to review. I am happy about it. Now I just have to concentrate on the articles.

Today the review will be on Makeup Revolution Palette – Sugar and Spice. Makeup Revolution has made a name for itself in such short period of time and for a good reason though. Their products are amazing and so affordable. They always seem to come with dupes of High-end products in affordable prices and such amazing quality.

Now coming to this palette it is a blend of 8 gorgeous blushes and highlighter with different shades in the pink and peach family. And 2 highlighters with silver gleam.
It is a good investment for girls who have just started on makeup or even for those who just can’t have enough palettes. The products description does say it is a mixture of contours , blushes and highlights. But I don’t think any of the shades could be used to contouring or bronzing.

Price: 9 euros / Rs. 1,350/-

Availability in India : Easily available in leading online stores.

It comes in a sleek and a sturdy black box. I am always amazed by the quality of MR¬†packaging. In comparison with Sleek cosmetic’s packaging, Makeup revolution has an upper hand. It is travel friendly and no hassle of it opening up.
The palette has well placed blushes and highlighters. the lighter tones in the top row and darker ones below. It has a full sized mirror. I find it a waste if a palette doesn’t have a mirror.


I love the assortment of colors in this palette. They all are powders blushes and highlighters. They will suit all Indian skin tones.But I find one color i.e. the 1st shade in bottom row will not suit dark Indian tones. It doesn’t suit me and I hardly use that color. Apart from that other colors are beautiful. My favourite is the 1st 1 in the top row. It will suit all skin tones but I feel it will look very good on fair skinned.
The blushes are of good quality and we can blend them easily onto the skin. It doesn’t leave any patchy marks on the face. The staying power is not so good but With a good makeup spray it will work. I mean which powder products stay for longer duration without any additional help.

Coming to the highlighters. I am SOLD!!!! I never expected the highlighter to be this good. Especially the one in the top row, it is one of my favourites. The texture is so creamy and it gives a subtle glow on your skin. However you can build it to get the highlight of your life.

Please find the swatches below. The top row is perfect for daily use with light tones including the highlighter.The colors in the bottom row are more on the bolder side and perfect for night wear or parties.


Top Row from Left to Right


Bottom Row Left to Right

Overall I am very pleased with the palette. I think this palette will get you covered with all so many beautiful blushes and highlights and you won’t have to worry about adding more blushes to your vanity. Ha Ha!!!! I doubt that will ever happen.But if you are looking for palette with contour shades then this is not the one.I hope you enjoyed this review and found it useful.