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The world is hunting Pokemon, and I, I am always on hunt for makeup :). Well, lately I have been on a hunt of eyeliners in shades blue and green and stumbled upon this eyeliner from Miss Claire. The whole Instagram in India, was raving about Miss Claire lip creams and I hunted them down to my favorite mall in Pune. I picked up 2 lip creams from Miss Claire and was swatching few other products when I fell in love with this eye pencil because of its color. Well, though the color is beyond amazing, I wish i could say the same about the product overall. Read on to know more.

About the brand: 

Miss Claire is presumably a Korean brand which products ranging from eye shadows to concealers to lip balms. The products are produced in P.R.C. and are quite affordable. Well actually dirt cheap. I have picked up few more items from this and will be posting reviews in the coming days.


Price: Rs.50/- like I said dirt cheap!!!

Availability in India: Available in beauty shops in major cities, but you will have to hunt them down!!!

Availability in Pune: Much More outlets, got mine from Pheonix Market City.

Online Availability : and few instastores.

Packaging : Well it is a standard eye pencil which needs to be sharpened. The whole pencil is in the same color as the shade which is always a plus point. It comes with a silver cap.


Review:Like the shade name is Tahatian blue, it is a teal blue color more on the greenish side. The color is a pop color that will give a bold statement to any look. It is a perfect blend of green and blue. I hope I am explaining the color well. The more you draw the darker shade of green it becomes. Overall I am absolutely in love with the color, but the formula!!!

I wish , oh how I wish the product had lived up to my expectation as the color. The formula is very dry and patchy. It is very difficult to work with it. Even if I want to swatch on my hand it is very hard to draw let alone on the lids. I need to keep dragging it on my skin which leads to folds of the skin. And because of this there is no even application of the product. But once applied, it looks gorgeous. 

I expected it to itch on my skin since it is dry , but thankfully it didn’t. It doesn’t stay for long maybe up to 2 hrs and starts fading.

The solution I can think of to apply it more easily is to maybe expose it a bit to heat and apply. I used a hair dryer to soften the tip a little bit and it was easier to work with. Well it is an added hassle which no one wants to deal with, so can give this pencil a ditch.

But since I like this color, I don’t mind giving it a go. But will definitely not re-purchase it.

Hope you found this review useful, let me know in the comments below if you have any questions. Until next time stay and look beautiful.







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