Hiya Beauties,

For a past couple of months I have been travelling for approx 4 hrs everyday from home to office and back. That is in Air conditioned bus and not to mention 9 hrs everyday in the AC cubicles in office. Well apart from headaches , my skin is also suffering and recently it is been showing on my face. My face has become dull and lifeless. I do try to keep intake of water to 2 bottles per day, but due to work I hardly remember to drink water. There goes 1 lifeline to save my skin.

So lately, I invaded all the masks in my vanity to save my skin. I tried 2-3 masks, but I was not able to see much of a difference on my skin. I tried to google few tips for dull skin and came across a cocoa DIY mask and a Coffee DIY mask. Two of my favorite things!!!

I went ahead and combined this 2 masks, both had separate recipes. But a little tweaking was necessary for me as I couldn’t choose between cocoa and coffee, so I combined both.

What you need:

1/2 t-spoon of cocoa powder

1/4 t-spoon of coffee powder

1/4 t-spoon of honey

Just enough drops of milk to make a thick paste

Note: In case you have very oily skin, substitute milk with lemon juice

How to Use:

Mix all the ingredients to make a paste of consistency of your choice. And your mask is ready!!!

I applied a thin layer of the mask on my face and neck. Withing 5 mins I could feel the tightening of the mask on my skin.Good sign. Though it din’t pull my skin like the clay mask, I felt enough pressure(?) and liked it. I kept it on for 15 mins and used a wet cloth on my face.What you do is hold the cloth for few seconds on your face, so that the masks softens and easy to remove. Wipe off the mask with the cloth and wash with water to remove all the traces.

My View:

I had just reached the wiping stage and I could actually that it had worked. I mean I din’t even have to wash my face completely to realize the difference in my skin. Once I washed off, I swear my skin was radiant and glowing. Like I have dipped myself in a highlighter.

My skin was squeaky clean and well exfoliated because of the coffee powder. It felt very supple. Well actually it is still feeling the same if I pinch my cheeks. I could see the difference next morning too. I think it is a long lasting effect, because of all the ingredients. My face felt well moisturized, not the dry kind when we apply clay masks.Another good thing. I felt that my skin had undergone a deep treatment of some sort. Completely refreshed and glowing.

I would suggest to apply this mask at night because of the coffee smell. You will get rid of it overnight. And if you don’t mind the smell, then you can apply anytime you want.

Also I think it is better to apply such deep treatment mask at night and let a good night’s sleep add on more benefits to it.

Overall I loved this mask, and it is definitely going to be my staple mask in coming days.Let me know if you have tried this or going to try this in the comments below.