Hiya Guys,

Hope you are doing well. I am back with another post of my favorites. In this post I wanted to write about the fragrances which I am currently enjoying.

I always keep on rotating my perfumes based on my mood. I had never initially been too much into perfumes, but over the last couple of years I have acquired a huge collection of perfumes in my travels.

I am borrowing the notes details from, but will try to describe the scents by what it means to me with my level best.


1.The Body Shop – Madagascan Vanilla Flower Body Mist
Notes: Amber, Vanilla and Frangipani flowers
Price: approx: INR 2,000/- for 100 ml.
Availability in India: Few Body shop Outlets and


I have been using this body mist since its launch in 2012. And this is my 3rd bottle. I am a big fan of vanilla scent. The scent so refreshing. It is bit on a sweeter side, but isn’t too loud or sticky. I love to spray this mist after my bath. It relives all my laziness and keeps me going. If I wear it at home it lasts about 6 hrs and outside maybe around 4 hrs. It is one of the fragrances that bring out so many memories of Australia as I used to wear this perfume a lot there during summer. It is an apt fragrance for college going girls who prefer a soft, girly smell. And if you don’t like Vanilla scent, then it is a big No-No.

2. DKNY Be Delicious NYC- Green Apple

Notes: Top– Green notes, violet leaf, apple, grapefruit and magnolia.
Middle-Tuberose, lily of the valley, rose and violet,
base – sandalwood, amber and musk.
Price: INR. 3,500/- for 100ml.
Availability in India: Perfume counters at Shopper’s Stop, Lifestyle , Central and Sephora.


Hands down my favorite day perfume. I have almost gone through my 2nd bottle now. It is so feminine and fresh. Anyone who smelled it on me has complimented me on this perfume. It is a very fresh and light fragrance. This fragrance is apt for summer. I reminds me of green apple every time I spray it. The packaging is so crisp and simple. I love the bottle something different from the usual bottle shapes. The lasting power is good, upto 6 hrs outside. This is an perfect fragrance for working women who want to smell good, but don’t want a overpowering fragrance.

3. Katy Perry Killer Queen
Notes: Top – wild berries, dark plum and bergamot accords.
Middle – velvety red flower (Celosia), but there are also Sambac jasmine and rainbow plumeria.
Base– cashmere, patchouli and liquid praline.
Price: INR 4,000- for 100 ml. ( Euro 49.50/-)
Availability in India: No


The weather in my city is fluctuating between hot and raining. So when it is cloudy outside, I love to wear this perfume. Introduced by singer Katy Perry, it is a sophisticated yet energetic scent for winters. I remember running around 3-4 shops in The Hague to get hold of this bottle as soon as I tried it as it was sold out in the shop. Coming to the notes, I soon as I spray this the top notes are very sweet but as the smells fades away the scent is more woody and sophisticated. It remains the same till it wears out. The sweet smell can be bit overpowering, but I love the scent after it settles and I can bear the sweetness for sometime at least. The lasting power is great, for me it lasts all day long. And the bottle, how cute is that? The ruby red diamond shape and the golden crown cap is to die for.You can easily wear this as a day or evening fragrance and trust me it will make you feel sophisticated and young at the same time.

4. Burberry Body Rose Gold (Limited Edition)

Notes: Top – incorporate wormwood, peach and freesia
Middle- iris, rose absolute and sandalwood.
Base– cashmere wood, vanilla, amber and musk.
Price: Approx INR.8,000/-
Availability in India: Limited Edition


Coming to my favorite and signature scent: Burberry Body Rose Gold. Just let us take a moment, before dwelling into the the fragrance, to admire the rose gold packaging. How elegant is that!!! Like the bottle itself the fragrance is so so classy!!! So sophisticated and elegant scent, perfect for evening wear and special occasions. I just love this scent so much and use it only on special occasions so as to not overuse it and diminish its value. The fragrance is very musky and bit spicy. The scent is sexy with the notes of rose. Once I spray it the smell is woody and it settles down to the rose fragrance. Well rose with a blend of muskiness ( I am trying my best to explain).It lasts forever on my skin. If you are looking to invoke the sexy goddess in you this is your scent. If you are not a fan of strong woody fragrance then opt for the Body EDT.

So that’s all for my current favorite fragrances. Hope you enjoyed this post.