Hello Beauties,

I know I have been MIA since a couple of months now. And I am sorry for that. But my actions are not of my own accord. Don’t  you ever wish you never had to work and just sit at home and follow your passion. I have been so busy at my job, I haven’t have had any time to dwell into beauty products. I have been stocking on so many exciting products ( My Instagram account: here), but never get to take pictures for the blog. So I am writing a piece on fashion today. And it has been quite a while since I had a post on fashion.

Today I am going to speak a piece of clothing that every girl must own. No matter what size you are I am assuring you this is for the keeps. I am talking about Kaftan tops. The fall season has started in the States , and you will see many celebrities sporting the classic ponchos. But in most parts of India, we never ever have the need to rock the ever so cute poncho sweaters or coats. Well fear not ladies, for I have a perfect solution for you: Kaftan tops.

Kaftan tops are so versatile and can be style in so many different ways. And it suits all size people. I love that the kaftans are such versatile pieces. they come in various materials depending on your needs. You can wear it with your tights or skinny jeans and make it a brunch outfit. Or style it with a pair of shorts and make it a vacation outfit.

Since kaftan tops do not exactly have the standard sleeves and are flowy in the fitting, it suits everyone. Normally kaftans come in free size and hence I say any size gals will rock it.

That being said, I wanted to feature a recent piece from the Vanca store which I absolutely fell in love with. This Kaftan top is to die for. The reason I like is so much is the ribbon belt that comes with it. Normally the Kaftans are flowing and really have no shape. Well that is the selling point of the kaftans. But with this belt, I can give a shape to my whole look or just leave it at that. Both ways the kaftan lifts up the look. Having a belt will help you adjust it accordingly to flatter your body.  If you ditch the belt , then you can go for more casual and easy look and with the belt a more elegant look. The choice is yours!!

I have styled this top with my favourite pair of black jeans from fbb and brown bowler bag from Mango. And the look was complete for a dinner date with my gals!! Also I went a bit overboard with my highlight which is quite evident in the pics.

You can buy this top HERE. Plus it comes in different prints and colors. Do check out.

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That’s all for now. Do let me know how you liked this post in the comments below. Bye for now