Hiya Beauties,

If you too are a person who sits and stares at computer/laptop monitor all day long, then you will definitely have  complains  of dark circles. Of late I have been suffering the darkening of my under eye area and inner corners. Though I have been using eye cream on regular basis, but when I wake up in the morning nothing can save me from the puffiness and bit of dark circles. So my only saviour were concealers. And I am glad to bring a review on a concealer which I believe is a staple in every working women’s makeup kit.

Concealers were always tricky for me, as I never got the hang of applying them. But I guess over the time I have learnt it and have been exploring concealers like crazy. Unfortunately Indian market doesn’t hold good options for concealers and I was glad to have found this NYX HD concealer. And the cherry on the cake is it is now available on our very own Nykaa portal and for a very affordable price.


Product: NYX HD concealer in CW07 shade.
For reference I am shade NC42 in MAC.

Price: Rs.545/- or 5 Euro.

Availability in India: Available on www.nykaa.com

Detailed Review:

Like I said concealers are a must for every working women. Well except for girls lucky enough not having to face the turmoil of dark circles or morning puffiness. This concealer solves both this problems. Or rather hides them.

This concealer comes in a sleek see-through tube with a concealer wand. The wand has an doe shaped applicator which helps in applying the concealer perfectly.


The texture is very creamy and easily blend-able. It does dry out fast so you have to blend it out as soon as you apply it. Tiny amount goes a long way as it is super creamy and pigmented. Once blended It does a perfect job of concealing the puffiness around my eyes and the darkness of my inner corners. It is not at all drying or oily. I feel this concealer will be a boon for oily skinned ladies. For those who have extremely dry skin will do well applying an eye cream before applying the concealer.

How I use it: I apply the concealer in inverted triangle shape under my eyes. I mostly blend it out with my Real Techniques Deluxe crease brush which is perfect for buffing out the concealer. When I am in a hurry I use my fingers to blend out the concealer. So basically I tap my fingers and blend it out in outward direction. After blending I set it with compact powder.


I just love the coverage this product gives without creasing or making my under eyes looking cakey. It is long lasting and stays on till end of day on my face.
It is definitely my recommendation who is looking for a concealer and don’t want to worry about blending it out.