Hiya Beauties,

1st of all, A very happy Diwali to you!!

I wanted to post a beauty regime/ review of a beauty product for diwali, so that you can have options to look glowing and beautiful on this festival.

I ordered this facial indulgence kit from Forest Essential and wanted to share my 1st impressions on it.

I am absolutely crushing on forest essentials products. They are my secret indulgence these days. I am adding so many products of FE products , so my blog will be full of reviews and proclaiming my love for them.



It Includes:
Delicate Facial Cleanser Mashobra Honey – 50ml
Facial Tonic Mist Pure Rosewater – 50ml
Sunscreen Lotion Aloe Vera & Sandalwood – 50ml
Facial Nourishing Cream Sandalwood & Saffron – 15ml
Organic Fruit Scrub – 15ml
Lip Balm Rose – 5g


Price: Rs. 1,875/-

Availability : Across all Forest Essentials Stores, www.nykaa.com, www.forestessentials.com


It is pre- assorted gift set having 6 skincare products of small sizes. it comes in such a beautiful yellow package with ribbon on it. It is perfect gift for someone or yourself. The products are small sixes, which can go upto 20 usages I suppose. So that way you can see if you want to invest in the bigger version of not.

I have used it once and wanted to share my 1st impression, as I actually did notice difference after 1st time usage. That is the thing about natural products. They are so good for deep treatment and give instant results. That is why I am big on DIYs.

Delicate Facial Cleanser Mashobra Honey: Hands down my new favourite. When we see products for sensitive things , we know they won’t hurt the skin and there is not much difference in the look and feel. But this guy, when I was applying it I could feel what a delicate product should feel like on your skin. Before washing , I could notice the difference in my skin, that good this product is. It doesn’t lather much, but it did get the ‘leftover’ kajal smudge from my last night routine. Definitely purchasing a full size.


 Facial Cleansing Paste: It is more like a scrub than a cleasnser. It smells strongly of walnut brownie which I found bit weird. The ingredients are listed as almond, pistachio and honey. The texture is of a scrub and it is a mild one at that. So we can use it everyday. I guess it will do a good job of cleansing and exfoliating. My skin felt soft and supple after using it. If it was a different I would definately purchase this in a full size.

Facial Tonic Mist Pure Rosewater : This product did not impress me much. It is a basic rose water. After washing my face, I applied it on my face with a cotton pad. It wasn’t as hydrating as I would like it to be. Plus I wish it came with a spray nozzle so it would have been easier to spray rather than using a cotton pad. People with oily skin wouldn’t mind this much, but I am on a drier side these days and I need my hydration. I won’t purchase the full size of this as I feel we get similar options in cheaper prices.

Facial Nourishing Cream Sandalwood & Saffron : What the rosewater was lacking, this cream absolutely made up for it. The texture bit on a heavier side, once applied it was absorbed so quickly. It is so hydrating and not at all heavy on the face. And the smell reminded me on the sandalwood my grandmom used to make sandal paste. I am looking for a change in moisturiser and am adding this in my wishlist as of now.


Sugar Rose Petal Lip Balm: When I opened this jar, it was as though I was in a rose garden. That is the thing I like about FE, it is from smell till you wash off your face you are indulged in the aroma. This lip balm is so soft and hydrating. The texture is softest I have seen so far. It will last me long enough, so will have to see if I would purchase a full size.

Aloe Vera & Sandalwood Sunscreen Lotion: I am amazed at how soon this lotion was absorbed in my skin. The thing I hate about sunscreen lotion is they are so oily and take years to absorb in the skin. Though I didn’t go out in the sun, I did like how soft and hydrated my skin felt. I will decide once this bottle is over whether to purchase full size or not.