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Unboxing Of Foreo Luna Cleansing Brush & Reason for Buying

Foreo Luna for Normal/sensitive Skin

Foreo Luna for Normal/sensitive Skin

Hiya Beauties,

If you have read my Australia Shopping Haul post, you will know that I had ordered Foreo Luna Facial Cleansing brush. I thought I will share the 1st look of foreo luna when I unpack it. I also wanted to share the reason ffor buying this brush. Hope you enjoy this post and if you do, please don’t forget press LIKE button below.

For those who haven’t heard about Foreo Luna: It is a facial cleansing and anti-aging device. It was introduced as a competition to world renowned Clarisonic facial cleansing devices. Below is description from Foreo Luna’s official website.

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Reverse Shampooing Featuring Boots Intensive Treatment Mask


So now with the rainy season, our hair tend to start getting sticky and oily. With humidity our hair becomes frizzy. Who doesn’t long for silky and well maintained hair? I have been trying this new trend of reverse shampooing since summer and I was quite happy with the results.

My hair are very oily and stay limp on the 2nd hair day. Though I was able to get rid of the oil with my Batiste Dry Shampoo, I still wanted to try some other methods which worked well.

I saw this video by Huda beauty on reverse shampooing and decided to try it and it was amazing.

We have many brands now coming up with products for reverse shampooing but your normal conditioner and shampoo will do the same trick.

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Makeup Revolution Blush Palette- Sugar and Spice


Hiya Beauties,

However much I try , I just cannot find time to post articles on my log. Sometimes I have the content ready but no photos and swatches or the other way round. On my recent trip to my home I have taken many photos of products I wanted to review. I am happy about it. Now I just have to concentrate on the articles.

Today the review will be on Makeup Revolution Palette – Sugar and Spice. Makeup Revolution has made a name for itself in such short period of time and for a good reason though. Their products are amazing and so affordable. They always seem to come with dupes of High-end products in affordable prices and such amazing quality.

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KIKO VolumeEyes+ Active Mascara Review


Hiya Beauties,

Hope you all are enjoying and achieving whatever you have planned for 2016. We are already in mid of the year 2016 so fast.
I wanted to travel a lot this year and I have had very little luck with that with my busy schedule. Nonetheless, still more months to go right? On this note , I wanted to review a product that I picked up on my travels.
When I was travelling to Italy, I had decided to stock up as many KIKO items as possible. I wanted to do this on my last day there, but having forgotten to carry my Mascara back home, had to rush to nearest KIKO shop near my hotel and pick up a Mascara. and lo behold!!! One thing led to another and I ended up stocking many products from KIKO.

I absolutely fell in love with 1 particular Mascara because of its  wand : KIKO VolumeEyes+ Mascara.



So here’s my review on it whether only the wand is the highlight or does the Mascara also has something to rave about.

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Perfect Gift Set from Forest Essentials

The perfect gift!!! Is there anything like the perfect gift? Sometimes my answer will be yes and at times no… I mean really can anyone be satisfied with a gift and ultimately call it perfect. I don’t think so. Anyways if not a perfect gift I am listing a ‘good enough’ gift for men or even women for that matter. I have purchased it trice already to gift 3 men and all seemed very happy with it. Men!!!! So Easy to please. Since I bought it 3 times just to gift someone I thought this product requires a mention on my blog.I gave this to my friend who was moving abroad so that he will be reminded of his roots through the smell of the soaps. And he did actually call me and thanked me for this gift.

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Lipstick Shades for Working Women |Featuring Lakme India

Hiya Beauties,

Couple of weeks ago, I posted a picture on my Lakme 9 to 5 Crease-less lipstick collection and many of you were asking and messaging me on the shade names. My personal Instagram account: HERE (Do follow ).

I hadn’t gone around doing the lip swatches so I couldn’t reveal the shades yet. So here I am writing a post on it. Basically I had decided to do a professional series of style and makeup since I am working in IT industry and I know it is tough out there to shuffle between work and personal care and style. I hope you have read my post on ballet shoes for working women. If not here is the link : CLICK .

Coming to this post, Lakme India had released their products in 9 to 5 series couple of years ago specifically targeting at working women. Since it is era of matte lips, I found these lipsticks while swatching at a counter and my love for them started. They were matte , long lasting and the shades were to die for. In India if we search for lipsticks we will mostly find reds, maroons and pinks. It is really difficult to find nudes, browns and corals, but my search was over with Lakme Crease-less 9 to 5 lipsticks.

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Insta Stores to buy International Makeup in India

Hiya Beauties,

For the past couple of months, I have been obsessed with Instagram. Well more than Instagram, I am more obsessed with lovely accounts who are making international makeup and beauty products directly available to us in India. I have had both type experiences : good and bad. And I am going to write about the good ones, so that you also the information and not have to deal with the bad guys to fulfill your makeup dreams.


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I Love My Ballet Flats| Shoe Haul

Phew, I seriously have no idea what to type. I have been MIA since a couple of months now.The reason being I have joined a new company and the work there is pretty hectic.

So, I have decided to change my writing style a little bit and not write mostly intricate details, but details from my point of view. Not that I was not doing that earlier . But now my long posts will be cringed to smaller and still detailed so that I can give time to my blog too. Let me know your views on it.

Anyways coming to my haul, I was supposed to post this last month, but just didn’t have time to do so. So here I am with my shoe haul and confessing my love for ballet flats.


I have been wearing ballet flats since ages. They are comfortable, chic and go with just about anything.

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Review|Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip Scrub

Hiya Beauties,

The trend of liquid lipsticks full fledged is ON in the makeup world. And do you know what it does to lips besides making them look glamorous and matte?? Yes you got that right: dry and flaky. I love my liquid lipsticks. It is best thing to have in your collection. Somehow glossy lips don’t look so good on me. Yet , since I have started using the liquid lipsticks, it has taken a major toll on my lips. They are kinds of flaky and dry and  just couldn’t rely on only my good old lip balms to nourish my lips. So I went ahead and bought the Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip scrub. Read on to know how it fared.


Price:  Rs.475/- for 8 gm.

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Add Oomph to To Your Eyes this Summer

Hello my beauties,

How are you doing this month? I am trying had to cope with the heat in my city with no luck. Also I am addicted like, hell ya, addicted to Instagram. I keep on stalking all make-up related things. I even dream of palettes, lipsticks, balms and what not!!! Have you guys ever got these dreams?


I wanted to do a post on summer trends and decided to post on makeup 1st then on fashion. In the summers, nobody wants to wear a face full of foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer and highlighters(Phew I am tired!!!). It is just layers and layers of makeup and our skin will not be able to take the load. So our poor girl’s only choice remains is to play with our eyes or lips. And today’s post will be on how to add a bling to your eyes. These tips are the best ways to doll up your eyes.

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