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KaftanTops | A Style for All Sizes and Seasons

Hello Beauties,

I know I have been MIA since a couple of months now. And I am sorry for that. But my actions are not of my own accord. Don’t  you ever wish you never had to work and just sit at home and follow your passion. I have been so busy at my job, I haven’t have had any time to dwell into beauty products. I have been stocking on so many exciting products ( My Instagram account: here), but never get to take pictures for the blog. So I am writing a piece on fashion today. And it has been quite a while since I had a post on fashion.

Today I am going to speak a piece of clothing that every girl must own. No matter what size you are I am assuring you this is for the keeps. I am talking about Kaftan tops. The fall season has started in the States , and you will see many celebrities sporting the classic ponchos. But in most parts of India, we never ever have the need to rock the ever so cute poncho sweaters or coats. Well fear not ladies, for I have a perfect solution for you: Kaftan tops.

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Unboxing Of Foreo Luna Cleansing Brush & Reason for Buying

Foreo Luna for Normal/sensitive Skin

Foreo Luna for Normal/sensitive Skin

Hiya Beauties,

If you have read my Australia Shopping Haul post, you will know that I had ordered Foreo Luna Facial Cleansing brush. I thought I will share the 1st look of foreo luna when I unpack it. I also wanted to share the reason ffor buying this brush. Hope you enjoy this post and if you do, please don’t forget press LIKE button below.

For those who haven’t heard about Foreo Luna: It is a facial cleansing and anti-aging device. It was introduced as a competition to world renowned Clarisonic facial cleansing devices. Below is description from Foreo Luna’s official website.

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Perfect Gift Set from Forest Essentials

The perfect gift!!! Is there anything like the perfect gift? Sometimes my answer will be yes and at times no… I mean really can anyone be satisfied with a gift and ultimately call it perfect. I don’t think so. Anyways if not a perfect gift I am listing a ‘good enough’ gift for men or even women for that matter. I have purchased it trice already to gift 3 men and all seemed very happy with it. Men!!!! So Easy to please. Since I bought it 3 times just to gift someone I thought this product requires a mention on my blog.I gave this to my friend who was moving abroad so that he will be reminded of his roots through the smell of the soaps. And he did actually call me and thanked me for this gift.

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I Love My Ballet Flats| Shoe Haul

Phew, I seriously have no idea what to type. I have been MIA since a couple of months now.The reason being I have joined a new company and the work there is pretty hectic.

So, I have decided to change my writing style a little bit and not write mostly intricate details, but details from my point of view. Not that I was not doing that earlier . But now my long posts will be cringed to smaller and still detailed so that I can give time to my blog too. Let me know your views on it.

Anyways coming to my haul, I was supposed to post this last month, but just didn’t have time to do so. So here I am with my shoe haul and confessing my love for ballet flats.


I have been wearing ballet flats since ages. They are comfortable, chic and go with just about anything.

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Add Oomph to To Your Eyes this Summer

Hello my beauties,

How are you doing this month? I am trying had to cope with the heat in my city with no luck. Also I am addicted like, hell ya, addicted to Instagram. I keep on stalking all make-up related things. I even dream of palettes, lipsticks, balms and what not!!! Have you guys ever got these dreams?


I wanted to do a post on summer trends and decided to post on makeup 1st then on fashion. In the summers, nobody wants to wear a face full of foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer and highlighters(Phew I am tired!!!). It is just layers and layers of makeup and our skin will not be able to take the load. So our poor girl’s only choice remains is to play with our eyes or lips. And today’s post will be on how to add a bling to your eyes. These tips are the best ways to doll up your eyes.

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7 Ways to Style Palazzo Pants

Hiya Beauties,


Palazzo pants are a craze these days. Every woman of any age, size, etc. is sporting one. And everyone seems to carry it in panache. Except me of course, I don’t know what it is with me and palazzo, I never seem to carry them off. Oh how I wish I could.  I have around 4-5 pairs and I have awesome ways to style them. But no matter what I try it doesn’t suit on me. Whisper: I guess it is my thighs. Shhh!!!!

Which is weird as I have seen so many plus size ladies wearing palazzo pants with such panache. And everyone seems to look good, well except me. The reason for this: there is so many ways to style Palazzo pants. Gone are the days when palazzo pants could be paired with crop tops and knotted shirts only. We have started incorporating them in our Indian wear as well.  So here I am sharing different ways you can style your outfits with palazzos both in western and Indian wear.

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6 Trends Started by Deepika Padukone from Her Movies

Hiya Beauties,

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the weekend. The weather in my city is quiet pleasant and I can’t wait to go outside and do some street shopping today. Before that I have to finish this post. :). If I haven’t mentioned it earlier then telling it now: Deepika Padukone is one of my favorite actress in Bollywood. I like her personality, her body , her poise and what not. She is one of the beautiful and talented actresses in our country. She obviously has a good fashion style in her personal and public life. But even her movies have started many fashion and beauty related trends every year. I wanted to list few of the major trends started by her looks in her movies. Read on to know more.

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OOTD- Pastel on My Mind

Hiya Beauties,

The weather in my city is very breezy and cool today. You know similar to spring. It is still hot to go outside. But I guess it will be cool and pleasant in the evening.

I wanted to do something different for my blog and thought I will post outfit ideas based on my mood. I am thinking of doing it every Friday, but let us see how it turns out. Hope you enjoy it.

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Catrice Velvet Matt Smokey Eyes Pencil Review

Hiya Beauties,

I have started cleaning and organizing my vanity this week and I am stumbling upon so many of hidden treasures. Does it happen to you as well? We have a thing or 2 or many lying around in some corner and to be discovered years later!!!! Well I came across 1 such thing or rather 2 and wanted to do a review on these.

Catrice Velvet Matt Smoky eyes Pencil: 010- Please, Mauve Black and 020 – Avokhaki


It is a pencil that can be smudged and used as thick liner or eye shadow using the integrated brush. So it is a 2-in-1 product which I love.  

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Catrice Neo Geisha Lip & Cheek Colour in C02

Hiya Beauties,

Today I am writing a review on a 2-in-1 products that is Lip and Cheek colour from Catrice Cosmetics. I was a limited edition release in Neo geisha collection. The shade is C02 Picked Cherry Blossoms. It is a lovely pink color and I must say it meets both the ends very well.

I know I am bit late on this review, but I have made up my mind to review almost all products(if that is possible ) in my vanity. So I will keep this review very short.



Price : Eur. 3.99/-

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