Hello Beauties,

I know I have been MIA since a couple of months now. And I am sorry for that. But my actions are not of my own accord. Don’t  you ever wish you never had to work and just sit at home and follow your passion. I have been so busy at my job, I haven’t have had any time to dwell into beauty products. I have been stocking on so many exciting products ( My Instagram account: here), but never get to take pictures for the blog. So I am writing a piece on fashion today. And it has been quite a while since I had a post on fashion.

Today I am going to speak a piece of clothing that every girl must own. No matter what size you are I am assuring you this is for the keeps. I am talking about Kaftan tops. The fall season has started in the States , and you will see many celebrities sporting the classic ponchos. But in most parts of India, we never ever have the need to rock the ever so cute poncho sweaters or coats. Well fear not ladies, for I have a perfect solution for you: Kaftan tops.

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