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My Current Favorite Fragrances|Day & Evening Wear


Hiya Guys,

Hope you are doing well. I am back with another post of my favorites. In this post I wanted to write about the fragrances which I am currently enjoying.

I always keep on rotating my perfumes based on my mood. I had never initially been too much into perfumes, but over the last couple of years I have acquired a huge collection of perfumes in my travels.

I am borrowing the notes details from www.fragantica.com, but will try to describe the scents by what it means to me with my level best.

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Perfect Gift Set from Forest Essentials

The perfect gift!!! Is there anything like the perfect gift? Sometimes my answer will be yes and at times no… I mean really can anyone be satisfied with a gift and ultimately call it perfect. I don’t think so. Anyways if not a perfect gift I am listing a ‘good enough’ gift for men or even women for that matter. I have purchased it trice already to gift 3 men and all seemed very happy with it. Men!!!! So Easy to please. Since I bought it 3 times just to gift someone I thought this product requires a mention on my blog.I gave this to my friend who was moving abroad so that he will be reminded of his roots through the smell of the soaps. And he did actually call me and thanked me for this gift.

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I Love My Ballet Flats| Shoe Haul

Phew, I seriously have no idea what to type. I have been MIA since a couple of months now.The reason being I have joined a new company and the work there is pretty hectic.

So, I have decided to change my writing style a little bit and not write mostly intricate details, but details from my point of view. Not that I was not doing that earlier . But now my long posts will be cringed to smaller and still detailed so that I can give time to my blog too. Let me know your views on it.

Anyways coming to my haul, I was supposed to post this last month, but just didn’t have time to do so. So here I am with my shoe haul and confessing my love for ballet flats.


I have been wearing ballet flats since ages. They are comfortable, chic and go with just about anything.

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1st Shopping Haul of 2016


Hiya Beauties,

I spent the second day 2016 doing my favorite thing in the world: Shopping!!! I was in Pheonix Mall in Pune and shopped to my heart’s content. It is 1 of my favorite shopping destination. I wanted to share my haul with you guys. Hope you like it. I’ll keep this post small and let the pictures do the talking.

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Shopping Haul from Australia- Volume 1


Hello Beauties,

I am excited to write this post and trust me drafting this article was the 1st thing I did after opening all the stuff from the haul.

My friend was returning from Australia and I gave him the list of things that I wanted from there. Since it was last minute for him, he missed out few things from my list , but I guess that’s  OK.

I am so excited to try all the things out and share the experience with you guys.

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